The Big Thaw!

Sunday’s walk was down into town and back, via the Castle Grounds. It was a misty, murky sort of morning, and the thaw was well underway, with  slushy snow seeming to melt as you looked at it, and water pooling in dips and hollows on the ground, and dripping slowly from trees and bushes. But there were still odd pockets of ice, like this patch in the River Anker:


Unusually, there wasn’t much wildlife around, but there were Canada geese on the grass, looking surprisingly well camouflaged:


Close to they look much darker:


I always love this view of the river with the trees reflected in the water. In spring the ground beneath the trees is carpeted with crocuses and other bulbs, and just beyond the bridge the Anker disappears into the Tame, which loses its own identity when it merges with the Trent:


It still looks very cold in this shot of  Tamworth Castle, and the Bandstand and terraced gardens:


The Castle, looming out of the mist, looked like something out of a fairy tale but, sadly, was closed because of the weather.



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